Essay on I Am A Declared Spanish Major

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It is painfully obvious that FlexMed has had an impact on my educational plan in college. At first, I had intentions of studying History and Computer Science. Now, I am a declared Spanish major and am declaring a major in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. The only reason this has been possible is the flexibility afforded by FlexMed.

It began when my five best friends from my dorm hall decided that they wanted to live together off-campus sophomore year. The influence that three computer science engineers, a mechanical engineer , and a business student can have on one 's life is incredibly significant, to say the least. So, when the semester ended, we each went back home for our first summer vacation in college, eagerly awaiting the day we would all reunite in our newfound house on State Street.

That summer, I returned to Long Island and decided I wanted to gain exposure in the 'hands-on ' aspect of medicine, so I began volunteering at Southampton Hospital in the OR and ER. This gave me a great idea of what the real world looked like in the medical field, and I was able to see how various professionals lived their daily lives. The freedom to shadow any profession that interested me (anesthesiology at the time) and to oversee the countless procedures, from laproscopic gastric sleeve surgeries, to abdominal myomectomies , or a cartoid endarterectomy, was given to me by FlexMed. This is because that summer, I indubitably would have been in Ann Arbor taking summer…

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