I Am A Bachelor Of Technology Program Of Chemical Engineering And The Idea Of Pursuing The Road

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It is my firm belief that the deepest desires are emblazoned unconsciously at childhood. I

grew up watching my father work as an Oil Technologist in an edible oil refinery. He would

regularly take me along with him to the refinery to explain the processes involved. My

curiosity was kindled when I saw how cotton seeds which were fed into machines at one end

of the industry were miraculously turned into edible oil at the other. The size and sound of

huge machinery left me wondering what exactly was happening inside those pieces of

equipment which converted raw materials into finished goods. This was the time I was

introduced to the fascinating field of Chemical Engineering and the idea of pursuing the road

less travelled influenced me deeply.

This motivated me to choose Bachelor of Technology program in Chemical Engineering at

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India) - one of

the premier research and engineering institutes in India. I was exposed to array of subjects in

Chemical Engineering in my undergraduate curriculum. I am especially interested in

Momentum Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Transfer Operations. I have

performed well in six semesters and I consistently rank in top ten percent of the class with a

CGPA of 9.02 out of 10 Point scale.

In my second year of Engineering, I participated in an industrial problem solving event titled

Delta-T sponsored by Tata…

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