Essay about I Am A Anti Bully Day Committee

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Our first “Anti-bully Day Committee” meeting led to a goal: fight unkindness on a large scale. We called it “Kindness Is Contagious (KIC) Week.” Suddenly, I found myself the Director of the event which included thousands of students across six high schools. From the beginning, I imagined the actual event planning would be the hard part, but as a family member told me, “The hardest thing, not just in KIC Week, but in life is working with other people.” Over the course of a myriad of planning meetings, hundreds of email, texts, and phone calls, slowly but surely the event came together. Through the countless hours of work put into Kindness Week, I began to understand my potential power to encourage such positivity through leadership.
Starting, I figured I was too small, with too quiet a voice to make a difference. Though, I spoke up. Eventually, KIC expanded, eventually reaching over 20,000 students in four states. I learned that powerful leadership comes through inspiring many to contribute personal commitment to a cause, ultimately creating a chain-reaction. Straying from my isolated view, I learned that even one individual can create massive difference. This experience has been ever-useful in preparing me for programs like PPL because of learning how to continuously work with others. That in leading, it doesn’t always take a commanding a powerful rule over a group but one of direction, encouragement, respect, and unconditional acceptance for those you work with.


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