Hybrid Vehicles : Hybrid Cars Save Energy Essay

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My research paper is about hybrid cars. Hybrid cars save energy. My discussion is if hybrid cars save energy? Although people believe hybrid cars are expensive and do not save energy, research proves that these vehicles save energy. White states in his article that " Scientific studies have proved that hybrid cars save energy" , which means that they are most likely economically friendly. Most people do not know how much energy hybrid cars save. White states in his article " In a survey of research on hybrid cars, researchers have reported that hybrid cars are made of lighter material, which makes them environmentally friendly" that means they have trouble when they are heavier than when they are lighter. Hybrid vehicles are an economically-friendly; fuel-efficient alternative to traditional, petrol-fueled vehicles. They are made out of multiple materials because of the difficulty of the machine. Unlike conventional vehicles, hybrids have specialized batteries that need to be able to energize the vehicle. Edmund states "Despite having more hi-tech batteries, hybrids also use much of the same material used in the body, the tires and some of the interior components" that hybrids are very different from conventional cars. Dumas 2 The expense of hybrid cars is really expensive. There is a $7500 tax credit if you 're going to buy an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Most of us now buy our vehicles using car loans, and while a hybrid may have a total cost that 's…

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