Hybrid Cars Research Paper

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Transportation has played a very crucial role in everybody lives. Throughout time, transportation technology have been changing and evolving, and it continues to this day to grow at a fast rate. In the beginning, people used to ride horses and wagons as a source of transportation. During the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine was born. With the steam engine creation, the combustion engine came to be, and the automobile industry begins. Many improvements and changes have been made in the development of automobiles. One of the main quality for a vehicle that has not been changed until recently is the fuel for the car, gasoline. Now in today’s society, hybrids have been invented, new automobiles that do not fully require gasoline as a fuel source. Hybrids are fuel …show more content…
Hybrid vehicle reduces emission, gas or radiation release, because all hybrids run with some electricity. Internal combustion engine vehicle increases emission which pollutes the atmosphere. The pollutants released are trapped in the atmosphere making the earth warmer, which is also call greenhouse effects. Gas and oil are mostly delivered by sea, and spills can happen that causes damage to an ecosystem. Hybrid cars are a start in the production of cleaning up the environment, even though it uses gasoline as a fuel source. There are all-electric vehicles, but the power source needed to charge an electric vehicle comes from a power plant that could be burning coal for energy. The problem with hybrid and electric vehicles is that the battery cannot hold enough electricity for a person to use and the battery itself loses charge after a while. Without an efficient battery or charging station, all-electric vehicles can cause more damage than an internal combustion vehicle on a macro level. Thus, hybrid cars are more safe and reliable to use for now in terms of protecting the

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