Hurricane Preparedness : A Large Population Of People Here On Earth

1147 Words Nov 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Hurricanes affect a large population of people here on earth. Many people become displaced for years, lives and homes are lost all due to one catastrophic event. In some countries, citizens prepare for hurricanes all year round praying that the natural disaster dissipates though preparations are in commencement. During the time of hurricane season families are usually brought closer together depending on their strength and unity to survive. Yet college students do not have such luxury. Being away from their homes and families, if they have any also, lacking the means to up and visit close relatives when necessary. I personally believe that Operation Hurricane Preparedness gave me insight on how crucial the impact of a hurricane can be to a collegiate, educated me on how to properly prepare for hurricanes, as well as left me with a few inquisitions.

Operation Hurricane Preparedness demonstrated how hurricanes could negatively impact college students. Due to the fact that some institutes do not cancel classes until the very last minute or when the state enforces it, students are left to make last minute hasty decisions. Imagine a student who wakes up at 10:00 am for a class at noon and realizes that school has been canceled. Then they try to call their parents who are at work and cannot wire money to their child right away for a bus ticket. Once they can get into contact, bus tickets are sold out and the student is left in an empty apartment with soda, a few bags of chips, a…

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