Importance Of Hunting Rights

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The Importance of Hunting Rights
Why should hunting rights not be taken away? Hunting helps people gain vital information about survival in the outdoors. Health risk lowers greatly when eating wild game.When people hunt, they get an enormous amount of physical and social-emotional health benefits. By allowing people to hunt wild game, it helps keep the wildlife population well maintained and under control. Hunting wildlife allows people to learn about: the outdoors, how to lower their health risk, how to receive physical and social-emotional health benefits, and the importance of maintaining the wildlife population. Hunting gives people a sense of the outdoors and the way their ancestors use to live. Many years ago all humans survived by
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“Game is wild, natural and free range and if someone is looking for something low in fat and cholesterol, game is a delicious and healthy alternative to many other red meats” (“Why Eat Game”). Animals in the wild tend to be more active than animals kept in small feeding barns. Meat is leaner on animals that are more active. “Venison is high in protein, low in saturated fatty acids and contains higher levels of iron than any other red meat” (“Why Eat Game”). “Pheasant and partridge also contain a high level of iron, protein, vitamin B and selenium, which helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals” (“Why Eat Game”). The different flavor that wild game has is a great substitute when no one wants to eat store bought meat. Wild game is one of the healthiest meat choices that you can make (“Why Eat Game”). Since venison had a great taste and super lean meat it is an excellent choice for someone that is on a low fat diet (“Why Eat Game”). If hunting rights were taken away people would not have the opportunity to eat meats that have great health …show more content…
Hunters encounter a huge amount of physical activity when they have to set and check their traps every day. No matter what is being hunted, hunters are always on the move. “Hunters are busy preparing blinds, tending food plots, scouting the woods, and some even dog training” (Abram). Hunters may have to walk miles to find the perfect place to set up their blind. Many hunters plant food plots to attract their intended game. Food plots usually get planted by hand, which requires heavy physical labor. Training dogs requires the most amount of physical activity. Dog training usually starts when the dog is a puppy. Generally, puppies are full of energy and love to run around, which means the hunter may have to chase after them for miles. If anyone ever wants to get in shape training dogs is the way to do it. Some hunters have the pleasure of processing their own meat, which takes about two to three days of physical labor. Hunting can be done alone or with friends and family. Social-emotional health benefits can also come from hunting (Abram). “Many hunters feel that they receive a therapeutic/relaxed feeling when out hunting or enjoying the quality time that it provides to be with family and friends” (Abram). “Many hunters enjoy the challenge that temperature, inclement weather and terrains can add to their hunting adventure” (Abram). If someone

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