Hunting Should Be Banned Hunting Essay

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Hunting Hunting has been around since the beginning of time. Now all of a sudden, people seem to despise those who hunt. Hunters get ridiculed for every time they post a picture of their hunt because someone considers it inhumane. It really annoys hunters everywhere when someone says, “That poor animal shouldn’t have been killed,” or, “That 's gross. You shouldn’t put that on the internet.” People just don’t understand that hunting for some people is a way of life. Hunters should be allowed to hunt how they want and not have to be ridiculed by those who oppose hunting.
People who don’t hunt and, don’t like hunting are offended every time a hunter shoots an animal. But that person doesn’t understand why the hunter is out hunting. Honest hunters are doing it to keep the population down. Hunting helps with crop outputs, and farmers would like a smaller population of animal, particularly deer, because of how much row crop they eat. One deer in a year can eat 3.9 million kernels of corn or 43.5 bushels of corn. A deer herd is about 3-5 animals. “The does (females) and the fawns herd together and then the bucks (males) form small herds of between 3-5” (“White-Tailed Deer”). If four deer are in a small herd, that is 174 bushels or one acre of crop per four deer every year. Now people can say one acre of land isn’t a lot for a farmer that has hundreds of acres. But, when a farmer has hundreds of acres, they also have more deer. Instead of having four, they might have 200-300 deer…

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