Hunting Is An Ancient Activity Essay

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Hunting is a rather controversial issue in the world and the US specifically. The so called environmentalists and animal activists repudiate it while more conservative individuals support and necessitate its importance. One has to understand that hunting is an ancient activity. Historians perceive that hunting was the first economic activity that the first men engaged in to sustain them. As such hunting has an enormous impact on the social and economic aspects on man’s life. However, due to civilization which has increased food stability hunting has become a sport or hobby rather than a necessity. This paper will analyze this topic in terms of benefits and limitations so as to give a clear and concise conclusion. According to Natham, deer and elks are the most hunted animals on American soil with approximately 10.7 out of 12.5 million hunting them. Nevertheless, hunting is decreasing although not at a drastic rate; in 1996, there were 14 million licensed hunters as of 2006 the number had reduced to 12.5 million people. Males are the majority who carry out this task; a large 91% of hunters are males while only 9% of hunters are females who enjoy the sport. “That may not seem like a lot, but when you think about it, 9% of 12.5 million people are a colossal number of individuals,” says Nathan. It is assumed that hunting as a skill is passed down from generation to generation as such it is rare to find new individuals hunting without being influenced by a relative. The most…

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