Hunting Experience Essay

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The Big Woods Growing up in a family that is all around country has its perks. My family has so many traditions that have been going on generation after generation. The main one is deer hunting. Every family member of mine has been hunting before. The minute you are old enough to take your hunters safety course is the minute you will begin your hunting experience. Your first hunting experience is one that you will never forget. I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was an October morning, there was about three or four inches of snow on the ground and it was extremely cold out. It was open season, the first day of hunting. I was only twelve years old and I was about to experience what it was like to go hunting for the first time. We …show more content…
My father always carries a back pack with him even if he isn’t the one hunting. In that bag he keeps a first aid kit and extra hats and gloves. My father then informed me that we had about 300 yards to walk before we would be at our ground blind. I remember thinking to myself, “really, I did not sign up for walking. I’m just ready to shoot my first deer and go back and brag to all of the guys!” I sucked it up and made the walk. We finally made it to the ground blind. After we settled in, I got comfortable and took my shotgun out and loaded it. I think we were sitting there for a good hour and I started to really have to go to the bathroom. I didn’t say anything to my father for a little while because I knew he would be upset that I didn’t go before we left the house. Finally it came down to the point where I couldn’t wait any longer. No, I didn’t have to go pee... I had to go poop. I told my father and thankfully he brought toilet paper because he had a feeling this would happen. I had about five layers of clothing on so it took me forever to take everything off and go to the bathroom. Yes, I did have to go outside because there was no bathroom anywhere close by, we were in the middle of the corn field. Talk about super embarrassing! After I was done going to the bathroom it took me about another twenty minutes to get everything back on and settled back into the ground

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