Hunter Worth Case Study

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Hunter-Worth: Critical Analysis of Communication Breakdown and Cultural Disconnect

Robert Neal

Management Theories and Practices II
Dr. Joel Olson
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Being confident the toy would generate good revenues since it was based off a major holiday motion picture that was expected to have great reviews, seemed to create a high level of interest from buyers at the expo. (Daft, 2012) Chuck Moore, national sales manager for Hunter-Worth, seemed excited, but had a sense of fear looming from the pre-order volume and could not shake off the sense of impending doom. (Daft, 2012)
The problem Chuck was facing was from the Mexican subsidiary that manufactured the toy for Hunter-Worth could not seem to make the deadlines. The shipments were late, and the quantities ordered fell short and the demand for the toy during the Christmas season was creating more turmoil for Chuck since he was unable to get his hands on them. Chuck decided that he needed to send an e-mail to Vincent Ruiz, the plant manager about the situation to find out why the shipments were late, the status of their latest order, and a copy of their production
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The ability to communicate, listen, and write effectively is an important concept of learning as we develop our selves into good leaders within any organization. We must be able to motivate employees through proper communication channels, and be able to communicate honestly and develop and use formal communication channels. According to the Daft textbook, we should utilize teams, task forces, project managers, and facilitate a plan for crisis communication, this way we can avoid problems that surfaced in the Hunter-Worth case study. (Daft,2012)
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