Hunger Games Character Analysis Essay

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The novel, The Hunger Games, is set in a dystopian country named Panem that has been ravaged by war and separated into twelve districts who have little to no rights. In order to prevent another rebellion, the corrupt government hosts the hunger games: a yearly spectacle where a boy and a girl, known as tributes, are randomly selected from each district to fight to the death in an arena that changes every year. Katniss’ story begins at the reaping, or the selection of tributes from each district, for the 74th hunger games. Throughout the novel, the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, uses characteristics such as her love of family, compassion, and determination to create a positive and lasting impression on the readers. Katniss’ love of her family …show more content…
Katniss finds the boy from her home district, Peeta, with a severely infected leg wound that could kill him if it gets any worse. She could have ignored him and ran away, or even killed him to take out the competition. Instead, she empathizes with Peeta and tends to his wounds for many days. By doing this not only does she show her value of human life, but she puts her life in danger. Peeta slows her down while traveling and she risks her life going the Cornucopiata, the deadliest area of the arena, to retrieve the medicine that will cure him of his infection. Finally, only two tributes are left alive: Peeta and Katniss. Rather than kill Peeta, Katniss would rather commit suicide so that she wouldn 't have to wrongfully take another life. Her thought process leading up to her attempted suicide displays that her value of other people trumps her motivations to survive. Therefore, the readers are taken aback by her heroic deeds and begin to question if they would do the same. By showing compassion, Katniss acquires the admiration of the readers because her actions better the lives of many characters in ways that most people are unwilling to

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