Humiliation, Shame, And Shame Essay

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I know there must be good in every person but some people become too corrupted by the temptations in the world to forget about all the good that was once there…. Many people have there own definition of humiliation and shame, my personal humiliation is ‘where a person steps out of there way to make you feel bad about yourself’ while shame is ‘done to make the other think about the actions that they have taken.’ My story is about humiliation simply by the fact that it made me feel worthless rather than making me learn my lesson. My ‘father’ was a very broken man, having very little education from being in and out of juvenile hall since the age of twelve he clearly had built up anger which was normally resolved with drinking or Crystal.
Prior to my punishment I was getting on the bus with my brother and riding to go back to our home, we were so drained by the prior night having to stay up all night watching for a man who never even existed, while my dad was shooting up in the next room. We were like caged ravens scared for the world but once the bars give way, we wouldn’t hesitate instant departation. With bags under our eyes we stumble onto our driveway I remember looking up towards our magnificent two story country house but drawing my attention to my ‘father’s’ car.
A brief explanation of his car would be a white “pig” as my mom would call it but it was actually a 1970 station wagon pure white, which made the rust marks look darker. The back windows were broken so many…

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