Argumentative Essay On Shame Punishment

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Are Shame Punishments Necessary? The problem in our society we are having now are judges wanting to find cheaper alternatives to incarcerations because it costs so much money. In June Tangney’s essay, she doesn’t agree with shame punishments. In her essay, she states points about how if people who have done nonviolent crimes receive shame punishments, they will be too embarrassed. They will feel humiliated and will act out by blaming others. She believes instead of shame punishment, they should do community services which is better for them and the community. It won’t make the people feel horrible about themselves. In Dan Kahan’s essay, he believes that shame punishment is much cheaper than incarceration and that it will be less embarrassing than community service and jail. There are many ways on finding alternatives to incarcerations for nonviolent crimes but I disagree because a person receiving shame punishment won’t help them change their behavior and will negatively affect future decisions. Shame punishment will most likely not help an offender because it will make them feel like they are a bad person. I believe this is true because if a person has to display to the public what they have done, they will feel humiliated and know people will see them as bad even after one …show more content…
I know money is a big issue but just because shame punishment is a cheaper alternative to incarceration doesn’t make it right for the people who have done non-violent crimes. Shame punishment is cruel and it will not help an offender change. It would discourage them and make them feel like a bad person for what they have done. I, personally think that judges should not give our shame punishment because of the consequences that can occur. I agree with Tangney that community service can really help a

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