Humanism In Renaissance Art

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The term Renaissance literally means “rebirth” or “renewal” and that’s exactly what took place during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance period was a rebirth of the classical period (Greek and Roman culture) that placed human beings in the center of life’s stage and infused humanistic values. The Renaissance has been considered to begin in Italy in the fourteenth century, with master artist such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Renaissance art sought to capture the experience of the individual and the beauty and the mystery of the natural world (History). Leonardo da Vinci is known as the “Renaissance man” he was more than just a painter he was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, sculptor, architect, botanist, inventor, …show more content…
It is defined as placing the study and progress of human nature at the center of interest. During the Middle Ages saints were painted with halos over their heads and there was a hierarchy scale that placed gods on a bigger scale than less important people. The rise of humanism could be seen in paintings created by Renaissance artist. At the beginning of the Renaissance period you could see the human nature becoming more of a focal point in not only paintings but in sculptures as well. As humanism became more popular in the Renaissance, ordinary people grew in paintings and saints became the size of ordinary people. Halos were no longer being placed on top of saints heads and gods weren’t portrayed in paintings on a bigger scale than ordinary people. During the evolution of humanism things changed drastically from unrealistic to realistic proportions in terms of size. Landscape also was changed as humanism became popular, hierarchy was painted in the same gardens as ordinary people and heaven like backgrounds were no longer used. Humanism changed the Renaissance art in a major way, it changed the way artist makes art. It allowed artist to create a piece of work with just an ordinary person other than with at least one god or hierarchy individual in the painting. Humanism was an act to put human beings the center of the universe. While doing that it allowed artist to show the real beauty and express what was meant to be

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