Personal Narrative: The Humane Animal Rescue

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The organization of which I have been employed for 6 years is the Humane Animal Rescue. Previously known as the Western PA Humane Society, our organization recently merged with the Animal Rescue League to create one large non profit. The merge has been difficult for many of the managers from both locations as they work to combine policies and procedures. Each day I work very closely with the medical manager, Dara, who I report to as a veterinary technician.
As the medical manager, Dara has many responsibilities which include, making the schedule for the medical staff, conducting interviews, performing reviews, guiding current and new staff, replacing old procedures with more medically advanced ones, preventing burnout among employees, and working with other department managers to produce an efficient flow for the animals. With such a high turnover rate within the organization, Dara spends much of her time creating a biweekly schedule that allows for proper training of new hires as well as appropriate positioning for staff throughout the areas of clinic, surgery, isolation, and triage.
Dara has been a veterinary technician with the organization for many years but only recently took over the position as medical manager in 2016. Having no background in managing, Dara uses the approach of always trying to
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Jamie has been with the Western PA Humane Society for 13 years and has taken on many management roles throughout her time with the organization. Currently, she is responsible for all of the medical managers and technicians at both locations. Her duties include, hiring staff, ordering supplies, budgeting and cutting costs, troubleshooting issues with our shelter and clinic software, and working with the medical director and veterinarians to keep a high quality of animal care. Other than the director and the board of directors, Jamie holds the most authority within the

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