Human Services On Paladin Drive Offers An Opioid Treatment Programs

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Field Site Experience PORT Human Services on Paladin Drive offers an opioid treatment programs (OTP; it is known as PORT Methadone Clinic. My experience at PORT OTP has been an emotional roller coaster. I had an interview with another student, my site supervisor, another counselor, and the site director. During the interview, I was told that if I could successfully complete practicum at this site, I would be prepared to work with any population and any facility in the profession. I was informed that I would get a great deal of direct contact. I left the interview feeling very excited and happy about my decision to do my practicum at this site. My initial schedule was four hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That schedule was very stressful; I was extremely busty every day of the week; therefore, I changed my schedule to eight hours on Thursdays. During the first week, I observed Al and other counselors in substance abuse groups (SAIOP, relapse prevention, parenting), individual sessions, and an assessment. To my surprise, during my second week, I led the first hour of SAIOP group (3 hour group). During that time, I did not feel I was prepared; however, I did not turn down the opportunity. During the third or fourth week, I was leading the entire SAIOP groups! Leading SAIOP was a great experience, even though at times I felt overwhelmed and unprepared. There were times when I was prepared to do an individual session and was basically thrown in to lead a SAIOP group. It was…

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