Essay On Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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HUMAN CLONING: PROS AND CONS OF REPRODUCTIVE CLONING Cloning is the process of creating identical cells, genes, organs or even organisms through asexual reproduction. It has been a common practice of mankind for a long time. It has becomes the debatable issue since it was used to clone animals around 40-50 years ago. Human cloning has created an offense toward ethical issue of human right. According to Yadav and Sharma (2011), the person who promoted human cloning must convince others and show the evidence how the want to manage the situation deal with consequence of human cloning. There are three types of cloning; reproductive cloning, DNA cloning (recombinant DNA technology), and therapeutic cloning. By doing human cloning, it will bring many positive effects to human. Apart from that, one also has to consider the negative effects of this technique. There are pros and cons in doing reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning is the cloning of a living being and uses the process of somatic cell transfer. This process is functioned to generate a new living organism that is identical to the donor and has the same nuclear DNA. The nucleus of the egg cell is removed to separate all the …show more content…
In doing so, they didn’t have to adopt children and can conceive their own offspring. Other than that, homosexual couples can have children. The lesbians didn’t need any sperm from male donor and gay couple can have children without using donor eggs but still need a surrogate mother to carry their clone. People who have loss a child can clone their child in order to be with them again as for seek redress for their losses. Once it is said to be safe because it is a reproductive right as natural reproduction. In conservation side, animals that are endangered and facing extinction can be clones to continue their existence in this world as to save their

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