Human Resources Essay

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To: Management
CC: Employee claim
From: Natasha Miller
Date: 8/20/2014
Re: JDT2
This memo is in reference to the filing of the claim by former employee. This memo is to prepare management for the factors that will support or disprove the claims. The term constructive discharge refers a wrongful termination, which is initiated by the employee voluntarily resigning based on a policy change that affects the employee so drastically they have to no choice other than to terminate their position.
“Punitive transfer to a dangerous job , demotion to a humiliating position, hostility, harassment, and coercion are each an example of an intolerable working-condition change that might establish a legal case for a
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Performance measures, recruitment and opportunity for advancement must be equal for all. Federal Statues that prohibit discrimination are regulated by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

The protected category that can possibly be related to this employee’s claim is the religious discrimination. According to the civil Rights Division of the department of Justice they have the right to “prosecute any crime committed against individuals because of their religion and acts of vandalism against houses of worship. (Unknown 2014). Because this employee is claiming they resigned because of a conflict of an opportunity to worship or belief they would be penalized because they are not able to work on a specific day due to religious belief.

In response to this claim I feel that first the company must consider the individual and investigate the person claims and their history of interactions with the company. The first question that has to be asked is this claim timely. The second question is does the Title VII civil rights act of 1964 applicable to the company based on the number of employees? Before

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