The Importance Of Absenteeeism In The Workplace

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The purpose of broach the subject is to highlight on administrative problems that occurred frequently at workplace and showing a systematic ways to deal with those kind of problems and point out how to solve them by setting goals, standards, and policies.

The relations between the people who work in the same place plays a very important role in the quality problems that may occur and thus the way to solve these problems. Being glad at the workplace is mostly dependent on the relations with those who work with whether they are colleagues or managers. Most directors do not pay enough attention to the importance of these relationships in the workplace that have a strong effect on the work progress. Large companies must offer work training programs
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“Absenteeism can be influenced in two ways: rewarding good attendance and/or punishing poor attendance.” (How gaming can solve your attendance problem). Motivating employees to positive competition is also an effective way to reduce absenteeism. “One of the simplest methods for increasing worker attendance is simply to draw attention to it. An easy way to do that is by publicly posting individual attendance data. If an employee can see his attendance record as it compares to other employees, he can use the information to regulate his future behavior.” (How gaming can solve your attendance problem). In one way or another, absenteeism problems have to be solved rapidly because of their negative impact on labor …show more content…
In other words, avoid hiring people who have the possibility to suddenly quit. The hiring managers have to ask more questions to their candidates before hiring them. Ask them deeper questions other than those typical “cliché” questions. “Interview candidates carefully, not just to ensure they have the right skills but also that they fit well with the company culture, managers and co-workers.” (How to Reduce Employee Turnover)
Somehow, absenteeism and turnover most likely have similar causes and results. They both need to be solved soon due to their undesirable effects on work process. “Your biggest problem is you can’t get enough employees to keep up with your work. Your absenteeism is high as well as your turnover. You keep telling management that you need to become a more employee-oriented employer, but they are stuck in “their normal” rut.” (How To Solve the Turnover Problem). Repeatedly turnover problems can cause unwanted issues in the workplaces, that’s why it needs to get solved presently.

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