Wegman's Model Of Employee Relations

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Question 1
Employee relations should be at the core of a company or organization’s principles. There needs to be strong communication within an organization for it to function properly, while also being able to provide for its consumers. Therefore, employee relations affect the consumer relations of an organization or company.
Employee relations are designed for internal communication. Within an organization or company there is typically a hierarchy, which makes up the employee relations and how it functions. The organization communication model is a great example of how many companies communicate internally. The model states there is a clear pyramid within an organization starting with the CEO and superiors on top, following managers and
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Belz (2014) says, “Their benefits package includes affordable quality healthcare coverage, dental coverage, life insurance, paid time off, employee wellness programs, disability benefit, a retirement plan, and scholarships for eligible employees. Even better, these opportunities are offered to both full-time and part-time employees”. Employees appreciate the way Wegmans cares for and provides them with opportunities. The company proves it values employee relations and their work is not underappreciated. Wegman’s consumers are also pleased with the way they handle their needs, giving them the ability to have a strong consumer relationship. According to Ferdman (2015), “Wegmans is a also unlike most any other chain, in that it has what Flickinger calls 360 degree competition. It can compete with Whole Foods because of its produce is some the freshest in the business; it can compete with Trader Joes, because its prices are some of the most reasonable; and it can compete with Wal-Mart, because its stores are, well, massive”. With both employee relations and consumer relations as a top priority for Wegmans, it is no surprise how successful they are becoming. Employee and consumer relations may be the focus of some company’s values while other companies put more focus on one rather than the …show more content…
Coli infected some of its consumers. According to the FDA, “In December 2015, the CDC reported five people infected in three states with a different, rare strain of STEC O26: Kansas (1), North Dakota (1), and Oklahoma (3). Interviews were conducted with five ill people, who all reported eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants” (2016). After this, many people started questioning Chipotle and whether or not it was safe to eat there. Chipotle ended up temporality closing 43 stores and profits were down 44% during the same time in the previous year (Gillespie 2016). This outbreak was a huge loss for the company and they had to gain the trust back from its consumers. Chipotle took charge of this situation and put the public relations department to work. After the outbreak, Chipotle hired a new PR firm while also initiating multiple new reputation campaigns focusing on recovery and trying to get the public opinion to change. It was important for Chipotle to gain the confidence from its consumers back. Emilylightningg (2016) says, “An overlapping theme of Chipotle’s programming tactics was that their food is safe. They did a lot to get the message out that their ingredients are now held to an extremely high standard that they are proud of and that their customers deserve. Through their work on public opinion, marketing and public relations, Chipotle successfully

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