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HRMD 620
Spring 2012 Agenda * Orientation * Definition * Relevance * Framework for HRMD 620 * Model for labor relations * Evaluating labor relations * Assignments

Hello. This is our first stop on the semester long tour of Employee and Labor Relations. By now, you should have reviewed the Read Me First document, Read Me Second document, Syllabus and Course Schedule. You should have completed the Getting Started tasks in the Read Me Second document, which includes your introduction in the “Student Introductions” conference. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have already started reading ahead, too. (That isn’t a bad idea since this course includes lots of material—both
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Utilization of the collective bargaining process can achieve efficiency, equity, and voice. According to many, however, US labor unions are too weak as evidenced by the decline in private sector membership since the 1970s. What are the reasons for this decline? Budd points to 3 possibilities: 1). Jobs have declined in traditionally unionized industries such as manufacturing while they have increased in nonunion industries such as service; 2). Workers’ demand for union services have declined; 3). While controversial, employer opposition or resistance may play a role.
Besides labor unions, what else do you think of when you hear the term, “labor relations?” Do labor relations exist in a non-union environment? Is it possible to exist in both the public and private sectors? Can you think of any good reasons why labor relations should look differently in the public sector? In thinking about the latter question, think about the role of government and the purpose of public sector positions. Does it matter that government doesn’t exist to merely increase revenues as in the private sector? These are important questions that we will address throughout the semester.
A singular definition of labor relations probably doesn’t exist. For our purposes this semester, we’ll start off by saying that” labor relations is a complex concept that is probably best described

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