Essay on Human Resources

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Human Resources Management Roles
Hong Phan
University of Phoenix
HCS 341
July 27, 2012
Gloria Wilson

Human resources departments (HR Departments) are important and vital assets in a health care organization because HR Departments understand what health care is from a payers, physicians, consumers, regulators, and employees perspective. HR Departments provide strategic planning and functional support to an organization. HR Departments work with each differences organization’s to make sure that is it successful and make sure that every employee understand his or her duties (Gomez-Mejia, L., Balkin, D., and Cardy, R., 2010).
The most important functional role for an HR Department is to create job descriptions and make sure the
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The health care industry has challenges such as economic pressure, compliance issues, consolidation issues, and a shortage of health care professionals fully qualified to do his or her job in its entirety. Health care organizations need to be compliant with state and federal laws if any issues arise, so the HR Department needs to make sure the organization is complying with those laws because delivering top notch services to people who need them is vitally important. The HR department also handles compensation and benefits that include salary, medical, dental. and vision insurance as well as retirement packages. Most health care organizations have a large number of employees, so this can be a very tedious task, if not challenging (Kirby & Hannah, 2006).
In order for goals to be accomplished, the HR department helps the entire organization work together so those goals can be adequately accomplished. The HR department makes sure the right candidates are brought in for job openings within the organization, and works with each employee to ensure he or she knows his or her duties and has the proper training on those duties. The HR Department evaluates employees to make sure he or she is fulfilling his or her duties and makes sure the organization is compliant with state and federal laws. If a business wants to be successful and effective, they must connect with the HR department as it will help the organization work together to accomplish

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