Human Resources Managemnt Essay

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Explain what HR management is how it relates to the management process?
Human Resource management is all about the people needs of the business and the personal needs of the employees. To object is to place the people with the necessary qualifications and abilities in the appropriate positions within the organisation to maximise their usefulness to the enterprise while also considering the employees needs and their career path.
Chapter 4
1. What items are typically included in the job description? What items are not shown? A job description is a written statement of what the jobholder actually does, how he or she does it, and under what conditions the job is performed. There is no standard format for writing job descriptions, but
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Chapter 5
1. What are the pros and con of five sources of job candidates? The text lists several sources of job candidates, both internal and external. The student should clearly identify the differences as well as comparative strengths and weaknesses of each. There are at least the following sources to choose from: advertising, employment agencies, executive recruiters, state job services, college recruiting, referrals, employee database, internal, and talent searches.

2. What are the four main types of information application forms provide? The application form is a good means of quickly collecting verifiable, and therefore potentially accurate, historical data from the candidate. It usually includes information on education, prior work history, and other experience related to the job The application form can provide four types of information: 1. substantive matters (such as education and experience); 2. applicant's previous progress and growth; 3. stability based on previous work history; 4. prediction of job success.

3. How, specifically, do equal employment laws apply to personnel planning and recruiting activities. The student should be able to discuss the areas in which the laws and regulations covered in Chapter 2 apply to the issues of planning and recruiting. This would include constraints on sources used for candidates (i.e. not excessive reliance on referrals), the wording of questions asked on application forms or in

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