Essay on Human Resource

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Strategic Human Resource Management
McDonald’s Restaurant

Rose C. Masiku, Olutosin Babatunde, Jose Mira Uguina, Alberto Villarrubia Garcia, Paola Aguirre
B00031200, B00029719, B00054480, B00065743 and B00065744

Department of Business School of Business & Humanities
Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown
Dublin 15.

Word Count: 3500-4000 Actual Word Count: 3,857

The aim of this project is to analyse McDonald’s human resources practices from a strategic Human Resources management perspective. Strategic human resource management is a concept that relates to the way an organisation links its human resource strategies and
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McDonalds is one of the global leading retailers in the food service industry today. The company’s Corporation was established in 1955 by the partnership of the McDonald’s brothers (Dick and Mac) and Ray Kroc. However, it was Ray Kroc and his vision of McDonalds becoming a global brand that brought the company into the spotlight. He believed pursuing a growth strategy (franchising) and delivering quality products to suppliers and customers would achieve this vision. Hence by 1958 McDonald’s had sold its first 100 million hamburgers. McDonald’s range of products includes their world’s famous French Fries, Hamburgers, and Big Mac etc. In addition, due to economic factors and variation in eating habits of most consumers, McDonald’s endeavours to continue investing in new innovations and services to stay on top.
The first McDonald's restaurant in Ireland was opened in May 1977, located in Grafton. McDonalds, with over 4000 employees working across 81 McDonalds restaurant in Ireland. In the last 8

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