Human Resource Essay

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In an organization, it’s the people that carry out many important work activities. Managers and HR professionals have the important job of organizing people so that they can effectively perform these activities. This requires viewing people as human assets, not costs as for organization. Looking at people as assets is part of contemporary human resource management and human capital management. No organization can function properly without the presence of human resource deparment.This is because human resource department of an organization performs a variety of function or activities that are essential for an organization. The most important function of a human resource department is to hire the right people for the benefit of the …show more content…
The HRM activities in modern organizations are typically performed in communication with the General Management or the CE0 of the organization in an effort to provide a variety of views when a decision is to be taken regarding the workings of the organization. In that way, decision making is not subject to the individual perceptions of the HR or the General Manager, but it takes into account all employees point of view and establishes a consensus between the employees and the management so that conflict of interest does not arises between them.
Talking about the main goals or responsibilities of Human Resource management, they are to retain low employee turnover by inspiring people to work for the company, to attract new employees and to contribute to employee development.In order to achieve these goals, Human Resources Management trains and motivates the employees by communicating ethical policies and socially responsible behavior to them. By doing so, the human resource management plays a pivotal role in influencing the organization performance. The human resource activities such as providing training to employees and motivating them to work hard to fulfill organizational goals, affect the business performance in a positive way. Training programs are introduced by the human resource department of an organization so that

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