Human Resource Planning And Organizational Strategy Essay

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Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy
A manager must be able to effectively perform the five functions of management, planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, and utilize an organization’s resources efficiently for a business to be successful. All of the functions of management are distinct, yet closely interrelated with each other, and none more so than the planning and staffing functions. As Plunkett, Allan and Attner (2013) point out, planning involves direction, a common sense of purpose, goals and objectives and the means to reach them and is part of every other management function. The authors go on to say that the primary purposes of staffing are to attract, hire, train, develop, reward, and retain the required number of good people, helping them meet their needs while they help the organization meet its needs (p. 318). As we drill down further into these two functions of management, we find many relationships between human resource planning and staffing activities and the organization’s strategic plans, development and implementation.
Human Resource Planning and Strategic Development and Implementation
Human resource planning, as part of the staffing process is important because employees are normally the organization’s most valuable resource. According to Plunkett et al. (2013), “people create an organization 's intellectual capital-that which makes the organization unique and separates it from its competition. Without…

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