Essay about Human Resource Management : Walmart

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Human Resource Management – Walmart
Walmart employees approximately 2.3 million workers in its 11,500 retail stores under 63 banners in 28 nations. To this end, it is important to look at the human resource management of Walmart. Thompson (2015) composed that the human asset arranging at Walmart is stratified in relation to the programs and solutions created and utilised. Case in point, human resource planning happens at the top administration level of the corporate human resource division. Though, Walmart every store has its own human resource manager who deciphers the general human resource policies from the corporate HR division. Consequently, Walmart stores have distinctive translations of the corporate human resource arrangements. In order to keep the staff complement at its minimum, Walmart utilises tailored software to automate the method of analysing changes in the labour force. Mechanism in place, affords Walmart the necessary data to help address labour surplus are shortfall (Thompson, 2015).
In connection to the above, Thompson (2015) conveyed that Walmart’s organisational design is centralised and hierarchical, with some degree of decentralisation. The hierarchical and centralised organisational structure pertains to having the corporate head office of the entity, oversee and direct all activities in the business; although, decentralised element of the company makes it flexible enough to face new or emerging challenges in the business. In terms of recruitment, a…

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