Human Resource Management Consists Of Numerous Activities Essay examples

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1. Human resource management consists of numerous activities. What areas were illustrated by Sam’s schedule on this particular day?
The human resource department in any organisation performs numerous activities ranging from recruiting the employees to forming a strategic team to achieve the objectives of the company. On this particular day, Sam has come across several such activities, namely, allocating personnel as a replacement, managing pay check errors, interviewing and recruiting job applicants, going over termination reports, approving new HRM policies, and staff meetings. According to the text book HRM consists of numerous activities, including Equal employment opportunity compliance, job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, motivation, and retention, performance evaluation and compensation, training and development, labour relations, and safety, health, and wellness (Ivancevich & Konopaske). Among the above activities, Sam has dealt with job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection and labour relations.
2. List the areas of ineffective management and time-robbers that are affecting Sam.
Time management is very vital in any work field. It is much more so in the human resources field, because as human resource personnel, one has to manage many duties on a particular day. Prioritizing the tasks is one way towards effective time management (Bates, 2014). Sam, in this case had a lot of things on his hand to work on, but he could not…

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