Human Resource Management Article: The Benefits Of Workplace Gratitude

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Job Satisfaction Canada’s human resource management article, “The Benefits of Workplace Gratitude” gives insight to readers and potential human resource managers on how showing signs of gratitude in the workplace can improve job satisfaction as well as other issues within employees. Common signs of gratitude like saying “please” and “thank you” can go a long way in improving the overall workplace behavior (Hilton, 2016). Before we can get into why job satisfaction is improved by gratitude, I will first talk about the other benefits from this form of appreciation. According to the article, productivity will increase from gratitude. Employees are able to work much harder when knowing that people appreciate their services. The article also …show more content…
I definitely had a connection when reading this article, as I have experience job dissatisfaction over the past summer with my internship. Some of the employees who worked at the internship did not even stop to appreciate all that I was doing for them as I was meeting deadlines and various other things for them. At the end of the internship, I walked away knowing that if I ever decide to go into human resource management, I would always thank my employees for their hard work. You never know what an employee may be going through so the best thing you can give them is support and appreciation.
3. What limitations does this article have? This article does have some limitations, specifically on mentoring programs in the workplace. For employees who are dissatisfied with their job, establishing a mentor within the organization can help decrease some of the negative feelings you get from leaders that do not show appreciation for your hard work and dedication. Mentors make for long lasting relationships, plus they can give you their opinion on certain situations that may arise within your job. In this case, job satisfaction would be one of the topics discussed.
4. What would I have liked more information

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