Human Resource Anagement Essay

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BAM535 Advanced Human Resource Management

Unit 1

Question #2: Job analysis is a key HR function. Provide an overview of the job analysis process, including brief descriptions of key job analysis techniques.

Job analysis is defined as the process used to collect information about the task, responsibilities of a given job, duties (which can include frequency, duration, skill, effort etc.) and outcomes and work environment (can include unpleasant conditions and extreme temperatures. These can include definite risk) of a particular job. It usually answers questions like who does the work, where
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The last tool is checklist, where task are checked off a list of task statements that describe the job. When the checklist is done it is followed by the job descriptions. The depth of task statements depends on the instructor. The textbook also discusses diaries where incumbents are asked to keep logs of their daily activities and record the time spent on each activity. By observing the diaries over a specific amount of time one can capture the job’s characteristics. The techniques of job analysis are task inventory analysis, critical incident technique, position analysis questionnaire and the functional job analysis. The task inventory analysis (TIA) is used to determine the knowledge, skill and abilities (KSA) needed to perform the job successfully. This analysis has three steps; the interview (developing list of task that are part of the job), the survey (putting together and administering a survey consisting of task statements and rating scales), and the generation of a task by knowledge, skill and abilities matrix (rate to the extent to which a variety of KSAs are important to the successful completion of each task.) The critical incident technique (CIT) is used to develop behavioral descriptions of a job. The upper management and employees work together to generate the behavior descriptions of the job

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