Essay on Human Relation vs Human Resources

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Discuss the difference between human relations theory and human resources development and the implications which each strategy has for issues of socialisation and performance control. Which of these theories appears to be most consistent with the behaviour of contemporary managers?

There are so many fallacies for instance the term of ‘human relations’ and ‘human resources’ where the contemporary organisation unseen the differences between this two approaches. Both human relations and human resources manager might use the same kind of organisational behaviour but for very different reasons (Miller 2009). Human relations approach emphasize on productivity where the management advocates better on treatment of subordinates in belief that it
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Tony Fernandes (2009), CEO of AirAsia, used his unique management way to motivate his employees such as free-flowing exchanges of ideas, all the staff includes top management like CEO and General Manager have to dress down, office is open-plan based for effective communication and it has a powerful intranet which allows for forums and discussions ( 2010). AirAsia’s workers feel sense of belonging and safety where it is archive the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs level 1 to 3 which are physiological (basic needs like salary and job), safety (good working environment), and social (sense of belonging). This motivation will give direct impacts to the workers as well as the production.

According to Baldoni (2005, p.59), Herzberg and his associates modified Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs approach to become a new theory approach where it divides motivation into two categories, intrinsic factors relating to the individual and extrinsic factor related to the workplace. Herberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory was developed through both a deductive consideration of the literature on job satisfaction and an inductive consideration of employee reports on job facets that contribute to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction (Miller 2006). As compared to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs approach is concern for sources of motivation in a life-in-general sense, but Herzberg concerns more on alternative

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