Human Mortality And Its Effects On Human Development Essay

1840 Words Nov 6th, 2015 null Page
In today’s world, there are many global problems that we are facing in which they are beginning to affect our modern time, greatly. Poverty has become a crucial fact worldwide and has a great influence on human development. Throughout history poverty has always existed, yet in this day and age there is no difference. Just below poverty, there is human mortality. As one of the many effects of poverty, the humankind is greatly influenced health wise. When there is no money for hospitals or other health facilities, it starts to become a huge problem. However, many efforts are needed to be made to fully eliminate the wide range of deadly diseases and to address many surfacing and endless health issues, in third world countries. Child mortality is the death of kids in their first couple of years of life. There are many causes of child mortality. “Although a complex issue that requires a “continuum” approach -- meaning that the care of the woman and child are not treated separately -- we can single out specific interventions that have allowed us to make progress: vaccines, one of the “best buys” for preventing childhood illness and deaths, save an estimated two to three million lives each year” (WHO, 2). Vaccines have played a huge role in decreasing the deaths of children before the age of 5. If the mothers of these kids, would have got them vaccinated at each specific age for each shot, they would have been immune to the disease, and would of been mostly likely to fight it…

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