Human Development Discussion Questions Essays

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Human Development Panel Discussion PSY/280 Professor Jeff Dunlap, Ph.D.

Question 1:
Summarize three theories related to human growth and development and identify at least one influential theorist for each. 1. Erik Erickson
Erik Erikson proposed eight developmental stages as an elaboration of Freud 's psychosexual stages. Erikson believed that an individual 's interactions with others characterize development and that successful social interactions constitute the major task to be achieved at each stage. Successful resolution of each stage leads progressively to hope and trust, autonomy,
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A large amount of development is going on during these years. The seventh period is ages 20 to 40 (emerging adulthood), eighth period is 40 to 65 (middle adulthood), and the last period is 65 and older (late adulthood). Plenty of changes and development are going on in the adult years but not as rapid as in the younger years. Theories within the lifespan perspective arena like Freud 's or Erikson 's psychosocial stages are similar in age ranges but differ slightly. Each category

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