Human Development And Human Possibility Essay

2197 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
This paper will discuss the relationship between two individuals, each facing a separate crisis in their growth and development as a person. This crisis, with its malignancies and virtues will be thoroughly examined and portrayed in the way of a hypothetical situation, involving two separate persons, and their relationship’s dynamic under the lens of the crisis that the individual faces. The book, Human Development and Human Possibility: Erikson in the Light of Heidegger (1986), by Richard Knowles, will be the basis for a majority of the research delineated in this paper. These points will be expounded upon using additional articles from different sources attained by extensive research of the subject and hypothetical scenario. Through these sources, a hypothetical relationship will be proposed and explained, showing the growth and development of two individuals.
Each of Erikson’s stages are introduced with a different virtue, that one who is properly developing, attains through a corresponding crisis. Additionally, Erikson addresses separate influences on each stage, including a main relation, malignancies that may be developed as well as themes that are prevalent in the that stage. In this paper, the relationship between two adults will be discussed. While one is experiencing a new aspect of the stage of care vs. stagnation, the other has regressed to the third stage of Erikson’s crisis, industry vs. inferiority. In this paper, the situation of an adult…

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