Extra Support In Foster Care

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At an organization that places children in foster care, extra support is provided in a variety of ways to the foster families. One of these ways includes the services of an in-office counselor. The counselor at the facility is to remain flexible when a family is grieving or going through a difficult time, being on call at all times to meet with the parents or children of the foster home within a 50-mile radius of the facility. One foster mother in particular was very good about encouraging the other mothers also. However, the in-office counselor and caseworker for the mother’s foster children began to worry that she was not allowing enough time for herself to relax, be encouraged, and find something to do other than watch spending 24/7 with children who were not her own. Going into a counseling …show more content…
Jody Valen. Valen and her husband are fairly new foster parents to four children in the state of Georgia. In a session with a the in-office counselor, Mrs. Valen appeared to be very comfortable, sitting back in her chair, crossing her legs in a confident and comfortable manner, talking to the counselor as if they were good friends, etc. Valen reported that her and her husband communicate very well and that they are just the male/female versions of one another. When Valen spoke about her foster children she showed exceptional knowledge and patience when describing different situations in which she had to discipline the foster children. There were only a few times that unusual behavior was reported throughout the session. These behaviors included bobbing her foot up and down, chewing gum loudly, and playing with her hair through out the majority of the session. Such behaviors could explain and underlying anxiety or stress that comes with parenting. There were no other strange behaviors or remarks in addition to those. Valen seemed well educated about how to interact with the children, and more importantly how to take care of her

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