Human Development : A Lifelong Process Of Physical, Cognitive, And Emotional Growth

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In my understanding, Human development is a lifelong process of physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. This process starts in the early stages of life from babyhood to childhood, childhood to adolescence to adulthood, where enormous changes take place. Through this process each person develops different attitudes and values that guides choices, relationships, and understanding. Another important developmental stage is sexuality, this is a lifelong process. Infants, children, teens, and adults are sexual being. It is important to enhance a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive growth, it is imperative to lay foundations that will help during the child’s sexual growth. Adults and parents have a great amount of responsibility to help guide young people understand and accept their evolving sexuality.
I was born to Hispanic parents in Houston, Texas both my father and mother emigrated from Mexico in search for the “American Dream.” my family had to work extremely hard. My father held two jobs, and my mother had to clean houses, just to make ends meet. My parents were renting a crappy trailer home in the southeast side of Houston, where I lived from infancy to childhood. Most of the times my mother had to go to work and she would repetitively leave me with the neighbor. The neighbor a mean grouchy lady, who also took care of other kids of parents that were going through the same miserable situation as my parents, would have her oldest daughter be…

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