Essay on Human Communication : The Basic Course

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There are several important factors which must be considered as we attempt to achieve effective communication with others. We must first recognize the goal we are trying to achieve with the communication. Second, we need to recognize who we are and how we, as individuals, communicate with others. And lastly, we need to understand how our audience is going to actually receive or perceive the communication we have presented. Although all three of these factors are different, they all are intertwined and affect one another in all aspects of our daily communication. In De Vito’s book Human Communication: The Basic Course, he defines communication accommodation theory as a, “Theory holding that speakers adjust their speaking style to their listeners to gain social approval and achieve greater communication effectiveness” (De Vito, 421). Although the theory of communication accommodation was first looked at in the 1970s under the title of speech accommodation theory (Dragojevic et al, 2), researchers later began to understand the theory involved much more than just the words spoken. Just as we now understand communication involves more than just words, so has this theory. In the 1980s the theory took on the more encompassing title of communication accommodation theory (CAT) (Dragojevic et al, 2). During our communication we make adjustments to how we communicate to achieve certain goals and we tailor this communication to fit our perceived needs of the receiver in such a…

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