Human Beings Have Benefited From Vaccines For More Than Two Centuries

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“Human beings have benefited from vaccines for more than two centuries” (Arbor). Edward Jenner was the first physician and scientist to explore vaccines. In the 1790s he created the world 's first vaccine for smallpox. Little did he know his creation of the vaccine would quickly become the biggest improvement in biomedicine. Through the creation of this vaccine, other scientists began looking into developing other vaccinations for common diseases, many which were wiping out large groups of people. “Millions of lives have been saved and microbes stopped in their tracks before they could have a chance to wreak havoc” (Arbor). Vaccines represent the biggest promise in disease prevention, this was huge at the time due to such high death rates from widespread diseases. Vaccines are powerful medical interventions that induce powerful biological, social and cultural reactions (Arbor). As for any new creation, there were issues with vaccines. One of the biggest issues that showed up early on in the creation of vaccines was public funding. There was a need for secure funding to be able to keep researching and producing vaccines. Early in the nineteenth century, British Parliament gave Jenner more than what today would be a million dollars. Since his creation, governments have often invested, unevenly and incompletely in vaccines. This was a problem because the needed more reliable and consistent funding for vaccine research to be successful. In 1994, Vaccines for Children program…

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