Human Behavior And How It Impacts Decision Making Essay

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I started my undergraduate education interested in studying human behavior and how it impacts decision-making. I pursued a political science degree with an international relations concentration because I was also interested in learning about conflict resolution strategies on an international scale. As I learned more about political conflict and human behavior, I learned about the multitude of factors at an international, societal, and individual level that contribute to producing and sustaining human conflicts and struggles. When I took a human rights course, I was fascinated and disturbed by the historic oppression of many large groups in society, and I realized my interests lie outside of the political arena; thus, I double-majored in social policy & practice because of my desire to learn more about how to enhance human well-being, fight injustice, and pursue social change. During the course of my undergraduate studies, a variety of academic and volunteer experiences solidified my interest in social work and my desire to become a social worker.
In one of my social policy & practice courses, I contributed to creating a peer-education program in an effort to combat sexual assault. My classmates and I applied this program to a campus sorority, engaging in an hour-long dialogue with them. As I listened to these women recount their experiences with sexual assault, I witnessed first-hand how talking openly about their struggles gave them relief. The power of individual contact…

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