Huaorani Essay

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Huaorani Essay

The Huaorani of Ecuador
The Huaorani are one of the few untouched native tribes in the world. They reside in the Amazon forest in the country Ecuador in South America and were “discovered” in 1950 (World , 2011). The struggle between the outside world wanting to use the land for resources and the Huaorani trying to keep themselves isolated has resulted in quite a few deaths. They are both violent to any outsiders that try to invade, and they are violent amongst themselves. The Huaorani have a language that is unlike any other in the area. This essay will take a look into the life and recent activity of the Huaorani in hopes that it will promote better understanding of a people that have a reputation for being one of the
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Like many other people of the world, they enjoy a good ceremony or party and enjoy drinking and having a good time. In fact, many ceremonies that they throw where many Huaorani are invited lead into marriages, and the bride and groom do not even know about the plans until the union is sprung on them (Susansteppe, 2011). During these ceremonies, the elders bind the two peoples’ ankles together with string and they are placed on a hammock to spend the night together. The families of both the bride and the groom will gather and sing around the hammock if they are in agreement that the union should take place. If the mother of the bride thinks this is a good match, she will start the singing back up again once it has stopped; if she does not think it is a good idea, she will run away with the daughter. If all has been received well, in the morning the bride and groom can either choose to exchange gifts or not; if they do, the marriage is complete, and if they do not, the union is terminated (Susansteppe, 2011).
Another factor of Huaorani life that will allow us to relate to them is that family life is very important to them. They are matrilineal based people (which means that in a marriage, a man goes and lives with his wife’s family) and are very tight-knit in their little communities. The bigger a Huaorani family is, the bigger the help when it comes to finding food and helping with household duties. In fact, when a Huaorani child is about

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