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Case Study-1
Jack Nelson’s Problem
Introduction to Human Resource Management
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* The case is all about the necessity & functions of HR unit in a local bank. In this bank Jack Nelson is a member of board of director and Ruth Jonson is an excellent employee. As Mr. Nelson was very much curious about how Jonson operate her machine, she briefly gave an idea about it. Speaking with the in-charged supervisor of a branch of this bank Nelson found that something was wrong inside the branches. But unfortunately it was not known to Jonson. Jonson found out the main problem and it was high employee turnover. In this bank selection time of employee is very short and at the same time the new employer quit their job in a
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Along with that human resource managers carries out three distinct functions ̶ the HR manager exerts line authority in his or her unit and implied authority elsewhere in the organization. He or she ensures that the organization’s HR objectives and policies are coordinated and implemented. And he or she provides various staff services to line management, such as partnering with the CEO in designing the company’s strategy, and assisting in the hiring, training, evaluating, rewarding, promoting, and disciplining of employee at all levels.
Here human resource managers play an important role in managing companies. These changes of trends include globalization, changes in the nature of the work, and technology.
Globalization is the tendency of firms extend their sales, ownership and manufacturing to new market abroad. Companies expand abroad for several reasons. Sales expansion is one. Some manufacturers seek new foreign products and service to sell, and to cut labor cost. Under Technological Trends there are some features. For example few people or business do business today like they did even three or four years ago. We use PDAs to communicate with the office, and plan trips, manage money and to improve efficiency. Under the trends in the nature of the work there are some feature like high tech job, service jobs knowledge work and human capital.

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