Essay on Hrm 324 (Total Compensation) Entire Course

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HRM 324 (Total Compensation) Entire Course
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Week 1 Individual Assignment Legal Issues in Compensation

Assume the role of a human resources (HR) consultant. Unsure of legal obligations in designing a total compensation plan, a client has asked you to explain how certain laws and regulations affect total compensation in their organization. The client’s organization employs 200 people, is a federal contractor, and operates in the biotech industry.

• Write a 350- to 700-word paper discussing at
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Formatand citeyour paper according to APA standards.

Week 2 Discussion Questions

What is job analysis? Oftentimes job analysis is associated with staffing, but how does it relate to compensation?

How does an employer go about determining if their pay is market competitive?

Week 3 Individual Assignment Mandatory (Legally Required) Benefits

Choose one of the mandatory benefits as described in our readings and prepare a minimum 350-word synopsis of the benefit. Use at least one other source in preparing your paper. Format and cite your paper according to APA standards.

Week 3 Team Assignment Incentive Pay

Step 1

As a team, write an introduction discussing the nature of incentive plans and their benefit to employers and employees. The introduction should be a minimum of 200 words.

Step 2

Individually (each team member), discuss the individual, team/group and/or organizational wide incentives that are offered in your current organization or one that you’re familiar with. In a minimum 200-word synopsis, discuss how the incentive plans are administered and comment on whether believe the incentive plans are effective in motivating employees to go above and beyond to meet organizational goals. Each student’s synopsis should be labeled with their name.

Step 3

As a team, write at least 200 words that indentify common themes among the incentive plans within your chosen organizations as well as

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