Disney Corporate Strategy

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1. Disney is a multi-business firm in media sphere. Disney covered such spheres as Media Networks, Studio Entertainment, Theme Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products, Internet and Direct Marketing. In particular, such areas included cartoon shorts (Steamboat Whllie), full-length feature films (Cinderella), training and education cartoons for the government (Treasure Island), full-length animated film (Snow White), Music Company (Walt Disney Music Company), live-action production (Mary Poppins), park for the entire family (Disneyland), theme park (Walt Disney World), in-house travel company (Disney on Parade), Touchstone. Disney targeted not only children market, but teen/adults as well, where film going remained strong (Touchstone).
Disney made
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Moreover, management of all business units was not structured and clearly coordinated. Conflicts among division executives were needed to be resolved quickly and get on with their jobs. As a result, Eisner conducted a major review of capital spending with an eye toward eliminating businesses that could not show a healthy return and selling non-strategical assets.
Meanwhile, inventing corporate synergy group with representatives in each business unit solved such problems. They had realised its purpose and boosted revenues. Synergy affected the scope of Disney’s business geographically, horizontally and vertically and, more importantly, its costs within its limits. Moreover, entering new businesses led the Disney to damage its brand. Disney had a strategic planning unit as a financial check on Disney’s various divisions.
We are agree with some observers that worried that the Disney became too large to accommodate Eisner’s management style and that Disney was putting too much emphasis on controlling costs and thus driving away its creative talent. It would be effective to mix all business as far as it does not negatively affect its main feature (creation talent). Once it does, the company should go back to its core business and manage its activities in such way that the main feature will stay the

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