Situation Analysis: Financial Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company

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My choice of the company to base on in my financial statement analysis is the Walt Disney Company. This is a company that mainly deals with the entertainment industry by animation.Its aim are to become, in the nearest possible future one the leading providers of entertainment and information to their various audiences. This is done by their various efforts to invest in creativity so that they are able to pull more audiences towards their works of art. Their commitment to creativity and innovativeness in the various ventures they get involved in is mainly aimed at driving favorable returns for their shareholders. Moreover, they are commuted to usage of their economic resources in a manner that ensures they achieve the highest value from the resources they are provided by their investors. Just like most of the companies that do reporting of their finances, …show more content…
This has the implication of the Walt Disney company ability to settle its debts on time, which has a positive trend, thus the company is performing well as time goes by. The Walt Disney company is in the media and entertainment industry, with other firms such as Time Warner Cable Inc and Comcast corporation; when compared to their performance, it is shows its great performance as it is superior to all of them; this depicts a favorable performance by the company. Moreover, when compared to other firms on a larger scale it still shows it is a market leader in the market. From the comparison with other firms and showing that it is still among the best performers financially, it shows the company is on a positive trend of growth and sustainability. In the financial reporting of Walt Disney program, I did not see the information on the shareholder benefit program .This is the information that shows the reward of the interests by shareholders in the company; however it was

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