Disney Company Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Technology is a big part of the Disney business. Technological advancements of films and theme parks have created virtually endless possibilities for Disney to continue expanding. Disney has the money needed to keep up with the advancements in technology and spares no expense to create new entertainment venues or the marketing to go along with them.
Not only is technology important to the core business but also to Disney’s expansion. The ability to communicate with business leaders around the world in real time is essential to the marketing strategy, technology creates virtual marketing proposals that Disney can use to relay its plans to prospective new markets. Communication is now easier with the business decision makers of other nations so plans can be realized more efficiently and expeditiously.
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Of course, they translate the message or make other minor adjustments—but the focus is one global copy thrust. Some do it to cut the cost of developing different ads for each country. Others feel their customers’ basic needs are the same, even in different countries. Some just do it because it’s fashionable to “go global” (p. 441). Disney does not hold to this philosophy because Walt Disney’s vision created a company that has torn down global and cultural barriers. This is reflected in the Disney marketing strategy and is apparent in all areas of Disney global business. References
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