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Arbo Miller
Human Resources Representative
McQuay International, INC.

Arbo Miller is the human resources representative for McQuay International, Inc. located in Verona, Virginia. McQuay International is a manufacturing company that employees approximately 500 people. Ms. Miller’s responsibilities include benefits management, keeping track of employee attendance, trouble-shooting, hiring, and employee record keeping, assisting to implement employee incentives. Ms. Miller attending Eastern Mennonite University as a liberal arts major but did not obtain a degree. Before coming to work for McQuay she spent many years as an office manager. She has been an employee of McQuay for a little over three months. She works directly under
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She also stated that by outsourcing the FMLA and STD responsibilities it will free up a considerable amount of time to set up a more efficient human resources department. Ms. Miller stated that Daikin, the parent company, does encourage opportunities for career development and continued learning their employees. Yet, those opportunities tend to appeal more to the salaried employees rather than the hourly employees because of it being a unionized shop and the hourly employees being held to strict job classifications. She also stated that her direct superior has encouraged her to take human resources classes and seminars so that she can better serve the McQuay staff. Ms. Miller hopes that she can use her strong interpersonal skills and focused drive to become more familiar with the needs and desires of the McQuay employees and provide the organization and efficient she feels her department is lacking. It was a pleasure speaking with Ms. Miller. I’ve been an employee at McQuay International for a little over two years and I have not had a chance to speak with our new human resources rep until now. It was enlightening to hear her plans to improve the HR dept. and I’m excited see to her plans come to fruition.

Arbo Miller Interview Questions o What is your specific job title? o What are your responsibilities? o Where did you receive your

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