How Wikileaks Is Responsible For Officially Launches Essay

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Picture this: Townsville, Australia in the year 1971. A screaming infant is born with the name of Julian Assange. This baby is too young to have any friends, or enemies. All the child is born with is his mother and a world ahead of him. Skip ahead sixteen years; little Julian receives his first computer. He discovers the passion he has for technology and the niche he was born into. Within the next four years, Julian has grown into a talented computer hacker. He taps into well-known networks such as Nortel, a telecommunications network based in Canada. Governments have an eye on him, but brush off their concerns when Nortel drops the charges in exchange for a fine. As the governments focus elsewhere, Assange slips off to Sweden and begins a spiral of international controversy. By the year 2007, the website Assange is responsible for officially launches. With its first success of leaked information on Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, Assange knows there is no going back. WikiLeaks has taken hold, and it challenges governments and officials everywhere. The issue of WikiLeaks first made United States headlines when information regarding the protocol of Guantanamo Bay was released, much to the dismay of government officials. Allegations publicising that some of the prisoners were marked “off limits” to International Committee of the Red Cross left a sour taste in many officials mouths; however, no actions were put in place to have the information taken down. The…

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