Summary Of How We Got The Bible By Neil R. Lightfoot

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Many individuals throughout the world love an origin story; People love finding out where something they love comes from. This is a great reason why individuals should pick up a copy of the book “How We Got the Bible” by Neil R. Lightfoot. This book digs much deeper into the history of the Bible and reveals much more information (like showing ancient manuscripts that were used to translate into the Bible and the ways ancient manuscripts were written). The book contains a lot of facts and definitely helps those who are trying to gain a tighter grasp of God’s overall plan and gives the reader a better understanding of the Bible. The book begins as Dr. Lightfoot discusses that in order for Christians to understand how the Bible was given to us, we must be able to analyze how the books were made throughout history. The book then dives deeper into the creation of early texts. After he discussed how the books of the Bible were made throughout time, he discusses some very important questions about the Bible; some of the questions include the following: When and how did all of the books of the Bible come into existence, How did the books last to this day, and how are the books of the Bible different from other books? …show more content…
Lightfoot then dives deeper into a very interesting fact: although the Bible is a very ancient book, it is not the oldest writing that has been passed down and lasted throughout the centuries. The earliest of writings that we have record of comes from the Mesopotamia and Egypt regions of the world. There has been clay tablets that have been found in Mesopotamia that experts believe to be around 3,000 B.C. One thing that caught my attention was how Egyptians used hieroglyphics to keep track of information. They wrote through the use of pictures. With all of the texts we have of early human history, we still have no idea when or where the first writing in all of human history

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