The Creation Of God In Homer's Odyssey

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In Genesis, the book provides an explanation about the creation of the world. The Bible talks about how everything on Earth was created, from the fish in the sea to the creation of man. This historical event demonstrates an extreme impact of the work. One reason might be, for years, scholars have argued about the significance of the Bible and God. Many individuals believe that since Adam and Eve were God’s only witnesses, how could someone else write that part of the Bilbe besides them? People who believe in the Bible go off simply their faith, however, a good amount of people cannot do that. They need evidence. The way they could receive it is whether or not they choose to follow God’s word. Another influencing factor might be the personal relationship with God. God decided to create man. This completely changed the creation of He’s work. If God never created humans than there would only be animals roaming around Earth. He created sinful …show more content…
It is written in a poem like structure. This structure plays a significant role in the Odyssey. If it was written any other way, then the audience would not have been able to grasp onto the same feelings. The whole story would not have been the same. Even though it would have had the same events, it would not have come across the same whatsoever. The poem like structure helps the creation of the story. Another factor that plays a part of the story is the characters. For example, without Penelope, Odyssey would have no reason to go back to his home. He could have just stayed at the island that Calypso kept him as a prisoner. Lastly, a factor that could influence the creation of the work is the length. The Odyssey has 24 books written within it. Some books hold more detail than others, however, if the Odyssey was missing one story than the book would never be complete. The creation of the book would be messed up and no one would be able to follow

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